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What is Unfinished business?

Anything (and everything) that you’ve started and not completed, including:

  • Offers, events, programs, opt-ins, products, books, etc. you’ve started to create or have created but not sold
  • Plans you’ve made but not implemented
  • Courses, programs, challenges, coaching you’ve purchased but not finished
  • Website domain names you’ve purchased with the intention of using but haven’t
  • Debt (or past expenditures you haven’t paid for yet)
  • Any items on your to-do list not checked off (includes what you’re holding in your mind)
  • Ideas, nudges, awarenesses, guidance you’ve received

What are some costs of Unfinished business

  • It creates clutter – in your physical space, mind, and digital world
  • Makes it difficult to know where to focus your attention, energy, effort
  • Can be stressful, you can feel overwhelmed and anxious about all you’ve got to do
  • May find that you’re overcommitted, dropping the ball, forgetting appointments, spilling over into your personal life, etc.
  • Chips away at your confidence because you aren’t seeing the kind of results you want in your business – may even begin to doubt yourself or think that something’s wrong with you
  • Prevents you from a) making the kind of impact that you want to make in the world and b) creating results in your business (like $)
  • Financial impact (interest charges, missed business opportunities, etc.)

6 things that create unfinished business

Watch the video for more details, and reflect on which of the following are true for you.

  1. You’re missing robust filters that help you determine what’s a yes and what’s a no
  2. By the very nature of who you are, the thrill (and your skill) is in the vision/creation, not in the details of the plan or implementing
  3. You skip the “reality check” part of the planning phase
  4. You don’t schedule time in your calendar to complete tasks
  5. You underestimate the amount of time and all the moving parts it takes to go from start to finish
  6. Before you finish one thing, you’ve been inspired by new ideas

Three questions for you

What would be possible if you finished what you’ve already started in your business?

How would your business be different if you consistently finished what you start?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not very important and 10 is very important, how important is it for you to address this issue right now?

If your answer is between 1 and 7, then it’s probably not a priority for you right now.  That’s okay.

If you’ve given it an 8, 9, or 10, then I’d like to invite you to join me at a workshop I’m hosting in June.

Declutter Your Business

Create Space to Finish What You Start a hands-on, virtual workshop Wednesday, June 6th 12 – 2 pm EST