5 Crucial Questions to Ask BEFORE You Create That Quiz!

Quizzes are gaining popularity as an opt-in that provides clarity and value in exchange for an email address.  But a quiz is so much more than that!

There’s a lot of creativity, planning and strategy involved in building a quiz that converts.

I’ve learned a lot through my own experience creating the Visionary Alter-Ego Quiz, plus my academic background in program planning and evaluation.

In this previously-recorded webinar, I share the 5 questions I wish I would have asked myself, and want you to consider, before you get started.

By the end of the training, you’ll have a really good sense of:

  • the overall purpose of an opt-in
  • whether or not a quiz is the best option for you
  • why you need a plan for after people opt-in
  • what to think about in terms of sharing it
  • how technology can

Who will benefit from attending:

  • anyone with a strong desire to create a quiz for their audience but haven’t started or are at the early stages of development

And if you need some help

Feel free to reach out to me if you need some help to create your quiz and get it up and running.  We can discuss your needs and see if I’m the best person to support you.

To access the training, enter you name and email address in the box below and watch your inbox for instructions!