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get-it-done services

Idea for:

Izzy Ideas, Patti Planner, Paula Perfection, Bea Busy Bee, Lena Learner

The Gap:

You tend to stay in the idea generation and planning stages of creating.  And out of action.  Or, the action you do take doesn’t produce the kind of results you want.  It shows in your bank account.

The Solution:  Get-It-Done Work Sprints and Get-It-Done Partnerships

Have a look to see which solution best fits your needs.

Get-It-Done Work Sprints

A single Work Sprint Session is 2 hours long.  You simply schedule it via my on-line calendar and pay for it.  Then you show up at the designated time.  I’ll be there with you on Zoom.  And I’ll stay with you.  I can answer any questions you might have while you work.  Work Sprint Sessions work best when you show up prepared with everything you need to work on the task at hand.

A Get-It-Done Work Sprint is best suited for a short-term project.  It’s also a great way to train yourself into a weekly routine (ie. creating a newsletter to send out.)

Get-It-Done Partnerships

A Get-It-Done Partnership offers you on-going support over 90 Day blocks of time.   This support includes 1) planning time 2) work sprint time 3) check-in time and 4) support in-between.  These partnerships help you build momentum in your business, keep you focused on your priorities and allow you to finish what you start.

We can work together in 90 Day, 6 Month or 12 Month agreements.  The length of time depends on your business goals, the size of your project, and your current situation.  Please schedule at Clarity Call with me to talk about your needs.