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Be my guest on B is for Brilliant

The ideas behind b is for brilliant

I created B is for Brilliant as a way to 1) showcase interesting, innovative, out of the box entrepreneurs and 2) discuss how their Visionary Alter-Ego shows up in their business.  Guests have the chance speak about a project they are currently working on which will lead naturally into questions about their Alter-Ego – who it is, how it shows up, and what they do or can do to work with it instead of allowing them to stay stuck.

We also talk about your Visionary Alter-Ego (which means you’ll need to take the quiz – see details below.)  We do this for two reasons.  I want to a) illustrate that even the most brilliant and successful entrepreneurs can get in their own way/struggle at times and b) highlight that it is possible to turn a perceived challenge into a strength to be productive, successful, etc.

The quiz is an one entry point into my community, and the podcast is a way to promote it.

General podcast flow

There are three main sections to the podcast:

  1. Introduction (I will ask you to introduce yourself)
  2. Conversation (on a previously agreed upon topic)
  3. Discussion about Visionary Alter-Ego (which one(s), how it shows up in your biz, how you leverage its power)

Podcast length

40-50 minutes

What I need from you before we record the podcast

Podcast audience

At this point, here’s where B is for Brilliant appears:

  • On my FB biz page, which I share from my personal page
  • In my FB group, The Finish Line
  • Via my Monday Edition newsletter
  • As an individual post in my blog
  • As a Coming Soon and then a This Week’s Brilliance feature on my Podcast page on my website
  • On Soundcloud
  • On Itunes

Collaboration ask

Please consider how you will share your guest appearance on B is for Brilliant with your community.


  • Social Media
  • Email list
  • Have another idea?  Feel free to run it by me mary@marymstrachan.com

Helpful Links

Listen to previous interviews here,

Take the Visionary Alter-Ego Quiz


Feel free to contact me mary@marymstrachan.com

Be a Guest!

If you’d like to be a guest on B is for Brilliant, please fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch.