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an action map creates a list of things to do with a time line

action map creation day

ideal for:

Izzy Ideas, Patti Planner, Penny Plateau

The Gaps:

You’ve got a BIG vision and it feels overwhelming.  You’re not quite sure how or where to start.  You need help to lay out a plan that will serve as a compass as you take action.


You’ve decided.  It’s time to create a ____________________.  But you don’t know where to start.  Or you feel overwhelmed at the thought of it.  So you don’t do it.  But you keep thinking about it because you WANT to do it.

Let’s change that.

The Solution:  An Action Map Creation Day

During our day together, we’ll work together to break your BIG idea down into manageable steps.  Then we’ll attach those steps to a timeline (based on your calendar) so you know exactly how to get-it-done.  The size of your project determines the number of days.

examples of projects we can map out

  • an opt-in
  • an on-line courses
  • a workshop
  • 90 day work plans
  • transition plans
  • a webinar
  • creation of a movement
  • your vision for your business

talk to me

Some projects take longer to map out than others.  

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